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You need an experienced towing company
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You need and experienced towing company
No breakdown is ever fun. We get done it right the first time, quickly, and affordably.
When you need and experienced towing company
No breakdown is ever fun. We get done it right the first time, quickly, and affordably.
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It is CRUCIAL to contract and hire a private property towing company that knows the laws and understands these laws. In 2013 we helped the MN legislature organize these laws, rewrite some of them,  and understand them. The legal ramifications of hiring a company that doesn't fully and completely understand these laws can be detrimental to you. We remove unauthorized, abandoned, illegally parked vehicles from your home residence, apartment complex, or business immediately 24/7. Below, briefly and basically, explains each property and the MN Laws regarding how, and when we can remove and tow the unauthorized vehicle. TOWING SERVICES ARE FREE FOR YOUR HOME, BUSINESS, OR APARTMENT!  

Private property is defined as: MN Statute: 168B.04
1. That is single-family or duplex residential property, immediately;
2. That is private, nonresidential property, properly posted, immediately;
3. That is private, nonresidential property, not posted, 24 hours;
4. That is private, nonresidential property of an operator of an establishment for the servicing, repair, or maintenance of motor - - vehicles, five business days after notifying the vehicle owner by certified mail, return receipt requested, of the property owner's intention to have the vehicle removed from the property;
5. That is any residential property, properly posted, immediately.

Apartments: You fall under clause #5. (5. That is any residential property, properly posted, immediately.) This means that YOU CAN NOT have that vehicle towed if your property is NOT POSTED. We provide the required signs that meet the states posting and placement requirements. Once signs are properly posted and placed, we can tow any vehicle immediately. A contract with us ensures that you can have these vehicles removed according to your tenant policy and state laws. Once hooked up and removed, we assume ALL responsibility for that vehicle. We also can offer solutions for parking enforcement without towing as an alternative to towing. Call us today to ensure your property is taken care of properly!

Homes/Residences: You fall under clause #1. (single-family or duplex residential property, immediately;) This means that you can have anything removed at any time for any reason. NO posting required. Call us and we'll remove that vehicle or item right away. This INCLUDES the owners of single-family (or duplex) housing that have tenants. 

Businesses: You fall under clause #2. and #3. You are nonresidential but private. This meaning, like apartments, you MUST have your lot properly posted. This is the BEST SOLUTION to removing unauthorized vehicles from your parking spaces. Clause #3. above is at best, risky. You have to prove that the vehicle has been there for at least 24 hours, unmoved, and untouched. A contract with us ensures you and your company that your business location is free from people using your parking for customers as a free space. Upon contract, we will provide the legal signs and legal placement required by law to remove the unauthorized vehicles. 

Get your authorization form here.

Options in parking lot enforcement are, daily, weekly, monthly, or targeted monitoring (cost may apply). Parking tickets. (Cost may apply). We can issue warnings or we can issue fines/tickets as well. This usually applies to apartments. See our Private Property Towing Q&A section for more frequently asked questions about private property towing.

What we can not do is tow a vehicle located on a PUBLIC street UNLESS it is clearly blocking your entrance or driveway. Please call your local police department for any vehicle parked on a public roadway.

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for ALL towing charges. See our Impound Towing Q&A for those people that have had their vehicles impounded.

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