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Private Property towing in Elk River, Zimmerman, Big Lake, Monticello, Princeton, MN

Q&A for owners & managers of private residences (Single family), apartment complexes, and businesses. Click here for our Private Property Towing details, laws page, and forms. 

Q: Does it cost our company money to have a vehicle removed? A: NO. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for all charges.

Q: Can I have a vehicle removed 24/7? A: Yes. call us anytime, day, night, or weekend, to have the unauthorized or illegally parked vehicle towed. See our Private Property Towing section for laws regarding placement of signs, when you are allowed to tow by law, and who can have what towed.

Q: I operate a low income housing. Can you work with tenants who can't afford to pay? A: in some situations, we can. They must provide documentation that they are receiving public assistance in some form. It will NOT eliminate their bill but help reduce it.

Q: What types of "vehicles" can I have removed? A: All types. Cars, trucks, anything with a motor can be removed, even boats and RV's, campers, motorhomes, etc.

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Q: I don't want to tow vehicles from our lot but we have a parking problem, can you help? A: YES. Since police and parking authorities can't issue tickets on private property, we can sit down and help you with a cost effective solution that provides tickets, or warnings. We can monitor the lots for you. Tickets can be issued and they have to pay you (or us). Warnings can be issued and after a certain amount of time, or number of warnings, then we tow. There are a big number of varied solutions.

Q: Do we have to be present for every tow? A: No. Upon signing the contract, you will authorize us to either patrol the lot, or have a designated person(s) authorize the tow to be completed. If no contract is signed with our company, you will have to fill out a form for each vehicle to be towed and present to sign. A contract is the easiest and quickest solution.

Q: Why is towing necessary? A: For Businesses, people who take up parking spots that are not in your store, take spots from paying customers. Apartments tow because tenants, along with rent, pay for a spot to park.

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