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You need an experienced towing company
Serving: Elk River, Zimmerman, Princeton, Milaca MN
You need and experienced towing company
No breakdown is ever fun. We get done it right the first time, quickly, and affordably.
When you need and experienced towing company
No breakdown is ever fun. We get done it right the first time, quickly, and affordably.
Elk River MN repossession company

When it comes to repossessions, you need an experienced, effective partner in the Elk River, Zimmerman, Princeton, Big Lake and surrounding areas. The repossessions that you see on TV are scripted. 99.9% of all our repossessions are quiet and non confrontational. Other companies look for the "Action" in the repossession. We look for your desired result. We provide repossession & collateral recovery for any type of vehicle or equipment. We provide state of the art skip tracing on the collateral and the debtor. We're 99% effective in the recovery of all assignments! Our techniques are extremely effective and proven to be a success over other repossession companies. Our tactics & techniques are exclusive to only our company. We carry proper insurance to cover all types of collateral in and around Elk River, MN, Zimmerman, Princeton MN, Big Lake mn, and surrounding areas. 

State (SOS) Direct Access License

We have obtained the Secretary of State UCC (Universal Commercial Code) Private Direct Access License. We are able to file the necessary documents (if needed) thru the Secretary of State. We also carry the License for the state's direct access records.

Department of Motor Vehicle access

If needed, we have online, direct access to look up any motor vehicle records to obtain information to the impounding and taking of vehicles.

Skip tracing

We have exclusive access to some of the most advance skip tracing databases & records provided to any repossession company. We can find family records, addresses, phone numbers; we also can find the same information on businesses. Most of the time, we supply the Lienholders with information.

When securing the collateral

We use the utmost respect for every client and their debtors. We have the necessary tools to protect the collateral, and our repossessors. Collateral can be stored at our location (certain fees may apply) until transport is arranged. We can arrange transport of the collateral, or we can transport the collateral if possible. We always use proper towing and hauling equipment. Transport may be in additional.We always offer two days free storage to arrange for transport.


Our prices vary depending upon the location, type, time invested, personnel, and difficulty of securing the collateral. Call for a price quote. The majority of auto and equipment repossessions will run from $175 to $500. In some instances, towing may be additional but mostly included with all auto and equipment repossession 10,000 lbs and under. Call for a quote on your heavy equipment. If it has a motor, we can repossess it.

Access to Wholesalers

We have access to licensed dealers/wholesalers in the area to sell to and take bids. Usually this option is better than the auction prices. We evaluate the vehicle, take pictures, file a condition report to give the most up to date and accurate description of the vehicles.

Some of our contracts include:

Bobcat Navistar GE Commercial Finance
Wheels of Chicago GE Auto Finance New Holland
Ingersoll Rand Many attorney firms around the U.S. Wyatt-Johnson
Private Parties and much more!

Download the repossession authorization FORM HERE! You will need to show proof of ownership via original title drivers license. If your company has their own paperwork, we accept that to as well. Check out our Q&A sections for answers to commonly asked questions about repossessions in our area.

We respect the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, and ALL regulations pertaining to repossessions. For questions & requests call 763-464-9696 or Email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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