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Was your vehicle impounded or towed from Private Property?

Q: What do I need to get my car back? A: All impounds require cash ONLY. The owner of the vehicle is the only person we can release the vehicle to. You'll need a physical title for the vehicle impounded and the owner with a valid ID matching the name on the title. Please have the exact amount told to you as the person releasing the vehicle may not carry change.

Q: Do I need my insurance card? A: No. We do not enforce vehicle insurance laws. However, we are not responsible if we release a vehicle to an uninsured.

Q: I can't come get my car. Can you release it to someone else? A: Yes, but only if the named person on the title provides a copy of the original title (unaltered) and a statement of release signed by a notary. It MUST include a release of liability in the statement. Please see our impound section for those details. 

Q: How much does it cost? A: Costs vary depending upon the type of the tow truck used, the mileage, what tools used to remove the vehicle, how much time it took to remove the vehicle safely,  storage costs, and any other Misc costs. These items may or may not apply to your situation or vehicle. Please call for updated pricing.

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Q: I know my car doesn't run when you impounded it. Can I fix/repair it there? A: No. For liability reasons, we can not have anyone fix their vehicle in any of our lots. You can however, have us tow it out for you, or call your own preferred towing company to take the vehicle for you provided all document and release requirements have been met. Vehicles may not be pushed, pulled, or drug out of the lot(s). This isncludes trailer loading. Vehicles MUST be driven away or towed away. 

Q: What happens if I can't get my car out of impound right away? A: By law, we have 5 days to send you a notice outlying, the price, location, and days that we can hold that car or if we can not find the owner of the vehicle, a notice via paper publication is the alternative. Typically we have 45 days to hold the vehicle. Storage charges will accrue for each day it's on our lot.

Q: Can I get any items out of my vehicle? A: The only things we allow the vehicle owner to get are prescription medications and glasses. However, in some rare cases, we may allow a parent to get a car seat or children's items from the vehicles upon discretion. A service fee may apply. No other items will be released.

Q: When can I come get my car? A: Monday - Sunday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at any of our locations. We are CLOSED on Sundays from 4am to Noon. You must call with a time of arrival so that we can make sure that we have a driver there to release your vehicle. In some cases, we may allow after hours pick up but a charge may apply.

Q: What if I leave my car there after the 45 days? A: The vehicle will be sold or disposed of. After your vehicle is sold or disposed of, any remaining balance over $250 is subject to a deficiency claim by law (MN Statute:168B.087) and enforceable in the court system. We file 100% of the time.  If your bill after 45 days is $2000 and the car is sold to salvage for $200, we have a $1800 deficiency claim. It's best to make contact with us as soon as you get your notice in order to avoid further legal liabilities.

Q: I believe you don't have authority to tow my vehicle. What law states that you can do that? A: MN Statute 186B.04

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