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Q: Can I leave my keys and you tow my vehicle unattended? A: We'd like to have the customer at either the pick up location or the drop location. However, in extended ETA's (Estimated time of arrivals) this may not be feasible to have you wait. Ask our dispatcher at the time of service request.

Q: Do you need the keys to tow? A: 95% of all tows will require the keys. The ones that may not are front wheel drive cars without any other vehicle parked in front of it. 9 times out of 10 we'll require the keys to be with the vehicle.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: All forms are acceptable. Cash, Check, Credit: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q: Can you bill my motorclub for me? A: We do not bill your insurance or motor club directly unless we're towing from an accident scene to our lot for insurance inspection. You have the option to pay us directly and then submit the bill to your Roadside assistance program or Insurance. In most cases, if you have an agent, you can go right into their office and get reimbursed immediately from them. We recommend that you call the Roadside assistance 1800 number on the back of your Roadside Assistance card as you may be fully covered for the tow. However, if you preferr to skip the long wait times, you can allways call us.

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Q: Can you leave the towing bill with my auto mechanic? A: There are two options we have. If your mechanic has an account with us, we can do that and they will add it to your bill and you pay when your cars fixed. If we do not have an account, we can have them write us a check when we drop the vehicle and then they will add it to you bill. ALWAYS check with your auto repair mechanic shop first to see if this is an option they offer. Otherwise, we'll require the payment be made in full at the completion of the tow.
Q: Do you repair cars? A: We do not have a repair facility. However, being in the Elk River, Zimmerman, Milaca, Princeton area for over 18 years, we have had the opportunity to see the good, bad, and ugly. Our tow truck drivers and/or towing dispatch can suggest the auto repair shops that are currently getting the best reviews. Yeller Towing does not endorse any one shop and you're ALWAYS welcome to have your vehicle towed to the repair shop of your choice without contest. 

Q: Is there a cost difference between a flatbed tow and a wheel lift tow? A: Yes. A flatbed tow truck takes more time to operate, and usually has to haul a harder load, heavier vehicle, or speciality vehicle. A wheel lift truck are typically used for lighter, easier to load, two wheel drive vehicles. Flatbeds are typically used for 4x4 and All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles which most of these vehicles are not able to be towed on 2 or 4 tires meaning all tires have to be off the ground. Some 4x4 trucks can be wheel lifted and do not need a flatbed. We use industry standard towing software maintained by the towing community and the auto manufacturer to ensure your car is towed the right way without damage. 

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